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Tired of those lousy CRT displays in your bowling center? Time to upgrade, and that means time to contact LDM...
Livingston Lanes Before Front What We Do
LDM offers upgrades for the uppers to virtually any scoring system. Our method utilizes modern, commercially available LCD HDTV’s to replace proprietary, heavy, dim, low-def CRT displays.
Immediate Benefits
Every scoring system and center is different. We have been removing old and installing new uppers at the rate of 8 lanes per day. We offer flexible scheduling to fit your business needs. You can choose to upgrade your entire center, or individual lane pairs to minimize down time.
Livingston Lanes Before Back
Livingston Lanes After Front Future Friendly
Our solution will work with the scoring system you have now, or with virtually any foreseeable scoring system you may upgrade to as your business evolves. Get away from vendor lock-in and paying to upgrade your uppers every time you upgrade your scoring system for the life of your center.
"Wow" Factor
There’s no way in text to describe how much better a large, sleek, modern HD LCD looks than an antiquated CRT. The photos here barely do justice. Suffice to say that the first time you see our solution hooked up to your scoring system, it will be the best your scoring system has ever looked.
Livingston Lanes House After
Mount Morris Lanes Before Front Multimedia Options
Our solution puts a bunch of new, beautiful HDTV’s in your bowling center. These displays will of course be used with your scoring system, but optionally can run off of any other input you wish to provide for them as well. Cable, Satellite, BluRay, or anything else capable of outputting to a TV can output to these displays. LDM can handle this as part of the initial install or at a later date. Or if you have multimedia experts on staff or under contract, they can handle it (again, no vendor lock-in).
Local Business
LDM is a Livingston County business and has already upgraded several local bowling centers. We use quality products and are proud of the work we do. On this page are "before" and "after" photos of Livingston Lanes in Geneseo, NY and Mount Morris Lanes in Mt. Morris, NY. Feel free to take a ride to either of them to inspect our work for yourself!
Mount Morris Lanes Before Back
Mount Morris Lanes After Front What’s Next?
To learn more about our industry-specific technology, contact us and we will schedule a meeting at your bowling center to identify solutions that meet the specific needs of your center.

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