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Life isn't all work. Recreate with LDM!
This section of the site is under construction. To key you in to what we are doing the outline to design this page is currently the placeholder.

  • Quake
      Following in the footsteps of Wolfenstein and Doom, Quake re-invented the FPS. Quake 2, 3, and 4 have since come along, as have a myriad of others. We at LDM still have an affinity for the original Quake, mostly for sentimental reasons.
    • Clan [JmB]
        LDM "sponsors" a Quake Clan, called [JmB]. If you want to know what it stands for, ask one of us on the server. The members are...
      • Broccoli [JmB]
      • Evolution [JmB]
      • Praxis [JmB]
      • Aries [JmB]
      • Spiffo [JmB]
    • Server
        Clan [JmB] has a ProQuake server constantly running right here on this site (www.ldmsystems.com) on port 26000 (the default). This server is listed nowhere other than this page and doesn't support that many users (16). The server is usually inhabited by 3 or 4 bots full time, but you may occasionally find a clan [JmB] member sparring here.
    • QuakeC
        The beauty of Quake is the source code has been released for some time. This has lead to releases such as CTF, RocketArena, RuneQuake, Brutal, and many others. The [JmB] server is a custom brew of Brutal.
    • Bots
        "AI" clients (weak on the "I") are available for Quake, as are their source code. The [JmB] clan employs 4 full time bots, all based on the TerminatorBot with some minor modifications.
    • Resources
      • ID Software are the guys that deserve credit for the whole thing. They envisioned it, they wrote it, and they released the source code for it.
      • Quake One is a great resource for both players and programmers, including many well written guides, an active forum, and very useful downloads.
      • Terminator Bot offers both a compiled version and source code. Aspiring programmers attempting to learn C might find this bot a little advanced, but it is well written code and is as good a starting point as any for those wanting to take the plunge.
      • QuakeWorld is a resource focused more on players than developers. They make their own servers (for every platform imaginable) available for download.
  • Darts
    • Software
      • PocketDarts
          LDM has designed a program to run on the Windows Mobile OS to allow teams or individuals to track statistics on a PocketPC. Bring it to your league event and "keep book" like a baseball game. Sync the data (either with a wireless broadband connection or with a cradle and a PC when you get home) and the information is available for consumption.
      • DartStats
          How do you use all that wonderful data you collected from your league event? LDM DartStats. Our team of course was the test subject while the program was being tested and enhanced. With 4 seasons worth of data you can view our stats as a demo here.
      • DartStats Replay
          Coming soon, LDM DartStats Replay will utilize the data collected with the PocketDarts program to allow you to "watch" any game you have played to relive your glory, analyze strategy, or cry over a defeat all over again.
      • Blind Draw Manager
          LDM designed software to the specifications of a major dart league organizer for managing blind draw tournaments. This includes pairing and bracketing, as well as an option for preventing a team from consisting of two "A League" players. This program can save you minutes (or hours for larger tournaments) compared to the manual process of physically drawing names for teams and writing them onto a bracket.
    • Hardware
      • Boards
          LDM is in the process of designing a board. Our patent applications have not yet been processed, but when they are more details will be disclosed.
      • Darts
          LDM is in the process of designing two revolutionary darts. Our patent applications have not yet been processed, but when they are more details will be disclosed.
      • Tools
          LDM is in the process of designing a dart tool. Our patent applications have not yet been processed, but when they are more details will be disclosed.
  • Poker
    • Custom Chips
        Plastic, Ceramic, or Clay, LDM can help you design full color custom graphics or custom hot-stamp inlays that will bring life to your chips and protect you from fraud (yes, this happens even in home games).
    • Tournament Direction Services
        Are you having a poker tournament? LDM can provide experienced, professional staffing to run your event. This includes as many dealers as you may need and a Tournament Director. LDM uses Robert's Rules of Poker as a base and will incorporate any "house rules" you wish to enact for your specific event. Optionally, LDM can also provide professional chips and tables for the event.
    • Table Sales
        LDM builds and sells custom poker tables, designed to your specifications.
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