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Computer technology has invaded the living room!
LDM brings a unique approach to the concept of home theaters. With an emphasis on front projection displays, LDM prefers to measure displays in feet, not inches.

Working within your budget LDM can design your home theater from start to finish, incorporating any game console, your HD tuner, and room-shaking, window breaking sound.
Devices It all starts with your devices. What consoles do you have? What consoles do you want to add? How many are HD? LDM can help you sort all this out.
The next (and most important) step in the process is to determine how you want to output your images and sound. CRT, LCD, Plasma, Front Projection, Rear Projection, HD, Dolby Digital, DTS Digital Surround, Dolby Surround Pro-Logic, 5.1, SurroundSound, THX ... LDM knows all the ups and downs of all the alphabet soup and will determine the best solution for your needs without requiring you learn a new vocabulary. Projector
Painted Screen LDM leans toward front projection display solutions because they are high in quality, lower in cost, and have the ability to destroy all other options in picture size.
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