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Like what you see? LDM can design one for you too!
A presence on the web is critical to any business in this day and age. IT related companies do this themselves of course. Large corporations have internal IT departments that handle this. This leaves a void for small and medium businesses, and LDM is here to fill that void.

LDM goes well beyond simple HTML design. Aside from the basic design of your website, LDM offers...
  • Search Engine Optimization
      It doesn't matter how dynamic or powerful your website is if no one can find it. LDM has experience making sure websites we design are found by major search engines when people are looking to do business with you.
  • Detailed Traffic Tracking
      Websites designed by LDM all come with traffic tracking. Beyond the standard "how many" reports you will find with most hosting companies, our sites provide the "who, what, and when" needed to make the information truly useful. The best part of it is that it doesn't matter if you have your LDM designed site hosted at your business, a third party server farm, or with LDM - the information is still tracked and available. Click here to see some sample reports for traffic on the LDM site.
  • Hosting
      Large hosting providers have server farms of hundreds of machines and multiple redundant connections to the internet to provide uptime to "the nines" (99.99999% uptime). You also pay for it, with plans costing hundreds of dollars per month and having traffic transfer limitations. If this is critical to you, LDM is not suited for you. LDM runs two highly redundant Windows servers with short-term power backup and one high-speed connection to the internet. A long term utility outage of either electrical or ISP will affect the availability of your website. LDM has suffered such an outage 3 times in the past 2 years, totaling about 50 hours of downtime, equating to 99.71% uptime. Not "to the nines", but not priced in the hundreds per month either.
  • Custom Graphical Design
      If you have your corporate identity established LDM will use it as a base and design your website around it. If your upstart company does not yet have a design, logo, or mascot, LDM will either design something for you or work with your ideas to give graphical life and image to your business.
  • Web Applications
      Going far beyond "shopping cart" packages you will find elsewhere on the net, LDM can design a custom, secure web interface for your business. This interface can be used by remote salespeople to report realtime activity from the field back to corporate offices, allow partners or contractors to view the status of projects they are working on, submit quotes, or any other business application you may need.
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